Extreme Hiking Tour

Trekking through the wilderness never feels like trekking through the wilderness when you spend most of your day overtaking couples with inappropriate footwear on slopes that wouldn’t challenge your gran (the one with the arthritic hip!). “Where’s the adventure?” We hear you cry. “Where’s the excitement? Where’s the danger?” 

If you’re one of those people who like to live life a little closer to the edge, the Zakopane-tours team have a very special trek in store for you! Thanks to our exclusive contacts, we have procured a unique guide who has special permission to lead parties off the designated paths, right the way across the Polish border and into Slovakian territory. Now don’t say that we don’t spoil you! 

This is a unique tour and an absolute must for anyone keen to get out of the comfort zone and away from the hordes of day-trippers. You will be quite literally getting off the beaten track, and, as a result of your temerity, you will discover sights and marvels that very few tourists will ever uncover: virgin snow, spectacular landscapes, caves and wildlife are just a few of the special surprises in store for you... 

It will be a tough day for sure, but you will return home with some unforgettable impressions of the mountains and come nightfall you will more than one fabulous tale to tell over a kufel of Zakopane’s finest ale. 

Tour Time: All Day 

Prices include all entrance fees, taxes, guide service. Price provided is for English language tours. Tours in other languages: price negotiable. Tour subject to weather conditions

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Guest 19th October 2012

Very experienced guide; exceeded our expectations. He can customize a hike pretty much completely to whatever your interest and experience level.

Steve Fier 9th July 2012

Knowledgeable guide..There was some confusion on the cost.. I had received an email with a quote of $600 PLN but was then told it was $695 PLN