Sunset over the Tatras Tour

In our opinion this very special tour is the best possible use of your time in the Tatras. A simply unmissable opportunity to witness a primeval marvel of the natural world, as part of our very carefully organised tour. There are two options available  both as breathtaking as each other - and we invite you to choose one, with our guarantee that you won’t regret it! 

For those opting to see the sunrise, you will be led be one of our guides through the almost impenetrable blackness of the mountains at night  a unique and exhilirating experience in itself  towards the best possible vantage point from which to see day break over the mountains. Once there you will hold your breath in anticipation of one of nature’s most beautiful sights - The first rays of dawn reflecting off the slopes of the peaks! Even the most hardened cynic will leave feeling that they have had a spiritual experience. 

Those clambering up to see the sunset instead will be spared the early morning wake up call, but will miss none of the resplendent beauty of one of planet Earth’s daily miracles. You will behold the majesty of the mountains as very few see them Bathed in the oranges and golds of sunset. Trust us, it beats Café Del Mar! After the last ray has slipped under the horizon our trusty guide will be lead you back down in a shadowy descent to safety. 

To ensure that you don’t forget even a single detail of this fantastic tour, you will receive a memorable souvenir photograph.

Tour Time: 3 to 4 hours

* Prices include all entrance fees, taxes, guide service, memorable photograph, snacks. Price provided is for English language tours. Tours in other languages: price negotiable. Tour subject to weather conditions.

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Gina Kontny 17th June 2010

great guide and amazing views- excellent evening, thank you.