Wooden Architecture Tour

Discover the charm of Old Zakopane with this tour of the towns architectural pearls. In the late nineteenth century, the eccentric artist and philosopher Stanislas Witkiewicz decided that Poland needed a national style of its own. He found it here in the mountains - and we're here to show you the inspiration that he discovered. 

Let's start with the old wooden church. Time seems to stop when you cross the threshold.... Next door is a magical graveyard that's famed throughout Poland. Many famous artists, writers and local patriots were laid to rest here. 

Nearby is the Villa Koliba, cradle of the Zakopane Style. Witkiewicz designed this delightful residence, and everything from the curtains to the coffee pots bear the stamp of his folkloric vision. Upstairs at this museum you'll discover a group of portaits by his legendary son, also named Stanislas, but known to his friends affectionately as Witkacy. Mark our words, his fantastical works will soon be taking the London and New York auction houses by storm! 

There is also the opportunity to slip outside the town and visit Witkiewicz's picturesque chapel at Jaszczurowka. And if you're getting hooked on these wooden wonders, have a browse through our Gothic Trail Tour. 

Tour Time: All Day 

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