Zakopane Town Tour

Welcome to Poland's Winter Capital! You've made it to the fabled home of the gorale highlanders: Zakopane - cradle of legends old and new, land of jodphured musicians and jovial sleigh-drivers. Famous for it's skiing, hiking and hearty living, Zakopane has been a popular destination since it was 'discovered' a century and a half ago. 

This, our basic introductory tour, aims to give you a sound and entertaining initiation into the world of Zakopane. We'll give you expert advice on all the things an honourary highlander might need to know, as well as showing you the key sites in Zakopane itself. 

We kick off the tour with a stroll to the arena of Zakopane's sporting legends. Ski-jumping hero Adam Malysz - dubbed abroad 'The Flying Moustache' - won world cup glory here with his air-surfing antics. He's the number one sports hero in Poland of the moment. 

Next up we'll take you to the most beautiful corners of Zakopane - this is a town that's famous for it's wooden architecture. The local buildings once inspired a national style all of its own. Zakopane also has a cluster of superb museums, so if you have a specific interest that's top of your list - don't hesitate to ask! 

Finally, we can also head up Gubalowka Hill, where you'll get the best panorama of the region. We'll take you up in the funicular car and give you the lowdown on all the marvels of the Tatra range. After this relaxed intro to the city, we hope that you'll feel primed to enjoy the rest of your stay here in Zakopane. You can unwind with a cup of the bracing Herbata Golralska (Highlanders' Tea), whose magic ingredient is of course.... vodka! 

Tour Time: All Day 

* Prices include all entrance fees, taxes, guide service, transport. Price provided is for English language tours. Tours in other languages: price negotiable. Tour subject to weather conditions.

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